Make a House a Home appeal

Help homeless people in Kent to rebuild their lives

By donating to our urgent Make a House a Home appeal, you'll help give someone who's been homeless a fresh start in a new home of their own.

Your donation could help give them everything they need to find a place of safety – and the support they need to rebuild their life with dignity and respect.

Why your help is needed

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on some of the most vulnerable people in Kent. Growing numbers of households have been pushed into financial hardship, thanks to a perfect storm of Covid-related job losses, the rising cost of living and the lack of affordable housing.

Hundreds of people are already homeless in our community, and thousands more now face eviction from their homes.

It’s a problem we can’t afford to ignore. But with your help, there are solutions.

Porchlight currently runs 37 properties. Last year over 350 people were supported off the streets and into Porchlight accommodation. The biggest issue facing us as a charity is that when people are ready to leave our supported accommodation, affordable places to rent are hard to find.

We need to work together to provide more affordable homes in Kent, so people who have been homeless can move on and regain their independence – and so we can help more people escape the misery of the streets.

Properties for Porchlight scheme gives new hope

We are working closely with landlords. And we have also acquired nine empty properties, that we’re able to rent at affordable rates to our clients.

We are so grateful to have these houses; now our goal is to turn them from houses into homes - but we can't do it without your help.

How you can help someone who's been homeless

It will cost £10,000 to refurbish and furnish each of the nine properties, so they are ready for someone to move in and start rebuilding their life.

Can you help Make a House a Home for someone who’s been homeless?  

When my job ended I had to claim benefits. It was not enough to live on. I had to go into my rent to buy essentials. I got evicted. When you've no address it's impossible, landlords all want references. Thanks to Porchlight I have finally moved into a home I can call my own.