We can guide you with practical money advice and support

If you're homeless, at risk of losing your home, or you’re struggling with your mental health, we can help with practical advice and support.


Worried about someone? Call our free helpline on 0800 567 7699 or tell us online.


Need to get help for yourself today? Call our free helpline on 0800 567 7699, we're open 24/7.


Like to know more? Email us here, you can ask for a callback.

We can help you with a range of things to do with money and benefits. We won't make judgements, and we respect your confidentiality:

  • Advice on paying rent and liaising with landlords
  • Debt or if you are being chased by loan sharks
  • What to do if you're unable to pay for food
  • Money management – advice on budgeting, rent payment, bill payment
  • Benefits: how to make new claims, changes to your claim, or challenge a decision
  • Putting you in touch with the right people quickly and smoothly (if you're looking for a financial advisor or debt counsellor)

Porchlight is fully committed to safeguarding the welfare of all those we support. Read more.

Porchlight showed me how to make a new benefits claim and gave me some advice to help me budget better.

We also offer a range of specialist services, including:

If you are in emotional distress

Life can get tough sometimes, but talking can help.

The Release the Pressure team in Kent is available 24/7. They provide urgent support with trained counsellors who will listen, no matter what you are going through. You can text the word KENT to 85258 or call 0800 107 0160

You can also webchat with Mental Health Matters, an independent charity, who are available 24/7.